How To Disable Imessage Option In Apple Iphone 14/ Pro Step By Step

How To Disable Imessage Option In Apple Iphone 14/ Pro Step By Step? We like that the Messages app allows us to send each other iMessages instead of SMS or MMS so that we can communicate freely regardless of our carriers’ policies.

If you quit using an iPhone and start using an Android phone, you could miss specific texts for a while. Deactivating iMessage beforehand will ensure that Apple knows your transition and that you get all communications from anyone still using iOS. Here is the method!

Disable Imessage Option In Apple

  • The iMessage app on an iPhone may be easily disabled.
  • To access the iPhone’s settings, please do so.
  • In the menu that appears, choose the message choice.
  • By toggling the button, iMessage may be disabled.

Imessage Deactivation Without An Iphone

  • Do not stress if you switched to a new smartphone but forgot to turn off iMessage. If you want to remove the phone number from Apple’s iMessage servers, you may do it using a web-based removal procedure.
  • Use any web browser to visit Apple’s iMessage cancellation page (which opens in a new tab).
  • If you want to disable a number, enter it here and click Send Code.
  • The deactivation page will send a confirmation number to your current phone via text message; please input this code when prompted.

How Do You Unsend Or Edit Text Messages?

When sending a text, you only have a short window of opportunity to retract or alter your message in the event of an embarrassing blunder.

You now have fifteen minutes to revise your message & two minutes can unsend it, effectively erasing the content if you make any grammatical error or text the incorrect recipient.

Edit Previous Messages That You’ve Sent

Whether a simple error or wrong information, the message editor is a great time-saver. Start by pressing and holding the message you want to change. In doing so, the Tapback responses and the contextual menu will be shown.

When you are done, choose Edit. The message may then be revised before sending. You may remove the message, edit it to rectify any problems or add to it. A blue checkmark will appear just on the right side of the screen; clicking it will save your changes. An individual message may only be revised a maximum of five times.

When you change your message, the word Edited will show underneath it. It will be evident to the recipient that the text has been modified, and if they choose Edited, all of the previous versions of the content will be shown in somewhat muted chat bubbles above the modified message.

However, “you may miss a little function that is switched off when in Low Power Mode,” as Schroeder puts it, even if activating this option won’t damage your iPhone. According to Hoffman, your iPhone would seldom connect with fast 5G signals or upload new photographs to iCloud Photos.

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