How to disable always on display screen in apple iphone 14/pro

The freshly released iPhone 14 Pro Max, along with iPhone 14 Pro, arrived in the presence of a couple of improved aspects. The brand has not involved these features in the rest of the 14th series of iOS mobile devices. That involves the always-on screen. But let us understand how to disable always on display screen in apple iphone 14/pro.

The always-on screen is originally one tinted, and a non-customizable variant of the widgets or locks display wallpaper of the iOS mobile device along with each of the live activities which are going on.

The brand has been capable of bringing the always-on screen to the Pro models of the 14th iOS mobile device without having one massive influence on the battery life. For that, the credit entirely goes to the more power-efficient panel OLED. That possesses one variable rate of refreshing, which can go as low as 1 Hz. On top of that, the always-on screen pre-renders each frame for any content component that predictably alters. Such as the time, and it is only going to update those when they are appropriate.

The brand has created situations where the always-on screen will intelligently switch itself off. Such as when the iOS mobile device is resting Face Down, when the mobile device is in a bag or a pocket and when the mode of Sleep Focus is activated. Also, when the user is wearing the watch by apple and leaves the zone where their 14th iOS mobile device is. The brand has stated that the always-on screen utilizes a couple of coprocessors present in the chip of A16 Bionic to refresh the screen by utilizing “minimal power.” This makes the screen “very much power efficient.”

A couple of reviews of the 14th version of the iOS mobile device have reported that the always-on screen has a marginal yet noticeable influence on the battery’s life expectancy. However, despite this big Technology brand from the United States of America providing the solutions mentioned above. Still, how much of one influence this aspect has on the battery is difficult to quantify. However, when the individual is not stressed about maximizing the battery life of their iOS mobile device, Arvind comes across one always-on-screen distraction. For them, we have put together this column on how to disable always on display screen in apple iphone 14/pro.

How to deactivate the always-on display screen in apple?

First and foremost, the user has to deactivate the always-on screen of the 14th pro version of the iOS mobile device. The user has to launch the application of settings.

Then the user has to scroll down and click on the option of Display and Brightness.

After that, they have to scroll down and then toggle off the button right next to the option of Always On.

That is all there is to disable always on display screen in apple iphone 14/pro. The ‌iPhone‌ will switch off when the user clicks the switch on this side. And it will remain switched off until they pick up their iOS mobile device or press the side button again.

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