How To Detect Pregnancy In Apple Watch As Per Clinical Trials

How To Detect Pregnancy In Apple Watch As Per Clinical Trials? You have undoubtedly heard that the Apple Watch has helped save people’s lives by spotting abnormalities in their heart rates, oxygen saturation, or other vitals. In this first-ever report, however, an Apple Watch owner claims the watch’s health function correctly predicted her pregnancy weeks before a traditional test confirmed it.

How To Detect Pregnancy In Apple Watch As Per Clinical Trials?

Even while Apple Watch does not have a built-in way to tell whether a user is pregnant, it does assist that user notices something is not right. The 34-year-old user posted her experience on Reddit (seen initially on 9to5Mac), detailing how the wearable helped her discover pregnancy.

The user’s average resting heart rate had grown significantly over the previous days, prompting an alert from the Apple Watch. The customer said her Apple Watch revealed an increase in her resting heart rate from 57 to 72 beats per minute.

There are several potential triggers for a rapid heartbeat. At first, the user suspected she had contracted the Covid-19 virus, which shares some of its symptoms. However, the user showed no indications of having a typical cold, and the Covid test returned negative.

She researched the topic further and learned that an elevated heart rate is standard for confident women in the first few weeks of pregnancy. After going to a clinic to get a pregnancy test done, the user learned that she was four weeks along in her pregnancy. Thus, the Apple Watch could aid in detecting pregnancy by only displaying the wearer’s average heart rate as it fluctuated.

Additional Apple Watch Capabilities Focused On Women

Additionally, the Apple Watch has several functions that cater specifically to female customers. Users may keep track of their menstrual cycles using apps like Apple Watch’s Cycle Tracking.

Apple also included a temperature sensor in the Series 8 and Ultra editions of the Apple Watch. A woman’s body temperature fluctuates throughout the night, and this new sensor can better anticipate her menstruation and determine when she is likely to ovulate.

Tips For Monitoring Your Cycle

  • Launch Health on your iPhone, and then choose the Browse option.
  • Follow the cycles with a tap.
  • To record your menstruation, swipe to the right day and hit the oval.
  • Scroll down, press a section, enter the new details, and then hit Done. The app keeps tabs on your symptoms, menstrual cycles, and core temperature.
  • Launch the app Cycle Tracking on your Apple Watch when your period arrives, slide to the correct date, and then hit the oval.

Can Apple Watch Predict Ovulation?

You will get a notice on your Apple Watch or iPhone when a time estimate for when you ovulated is available. You may see your estimated ovulation as a soft purple oval in the fertile window of the Health app on your iPhone or the Cycle Tracking application on your Apple Watch.

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