How to delete documents from Digilocker account step-by-step guide

The application of Digilocker is an expensive and easy method to store formal documents in one safe digital place. It is one e-document facility with one official web page and application for private documents, which the authorities have acknowledged. But it isn’t easy to delete documents from Digilocker account.

An individual can upload their official documents to one single space. Date and enter it through a Digilocker account on the Digilocker. Whenever one utilizer has been acknowledged with one Digilocker account, their existing account can not be eliminated. Yet the documents can be eliminated from an official page. 

When a utilizer logs into the account on Digilocker, their Aadhar card is instantly verified. However, when acknowledged, the account can not be eliminated from the authorized documents. 

The Digilocker carries two kinds of documents. Those are issued documents and uploaded documents. An issued document is recovered from a government database and placed in a user’s account. So they can not be eliminated. But, the utilizer can eliminate uploaded papers from their account on Digilocker. Just the web page of Digilocker permits an individual to remove their document. 

The application of Digilocker is becoming more and more famous. The app permits utilizers to preserve documents on a mobile device safely. However, the application is created in such a manner that users are not able to deactivate or delete their accounts. So look for a method to remove any previously uploaded data. There are a couple of simple steps to delete documents from Digilocker account. 

  • The 1st Step is to go to the official web page of Digilocker that is 
  • The 2nd Step is to sign in to an account on Digilocker in the presence of the Aadhaar card or mobile number. 
  • The 3rd Step is to o e OTP, or a one-time password will be created and sent to that registered phone number. 
  • The 4th Step is to enter that one-time password to receive entrance to their account. 
  • Then the 5th Step is to, in the upper left side of the web page of Digilocker, click on the tab of ‘drive’. 
  • The 6th Step is that each of the uploaded documents will be visible in that digital place. 
  • The 7th Step is to pick out these uploaded documents that the individual wishes to delete or remove. 
  • The 8th Step is to pick out the icon of ‘bin’. 
  • For confirmation, the 9th Step is to tap on the option of ‘delete’. 
  • Finally, in the 10th Step, the documents will be removed from their account.

Also, an individual must keep in mind that if they have signed into an account on Digi locker utilizing their mobile number or Aadhar card number. Then they can not delete documents from Digilocker account along with the details of their Aadhaar card number or phone number. To safeguard that data, the users are going to require to write one email to the developers regarding the elimination of their specific profile from the platform. 

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