How To Create Reels Ads For Facebook And Instagram Step By Step Guide

How To Create Reels Ads For Facebook And Instagram Step By Step Guide? Need to catch the wave of viral short-form videos? How about Facebook or Instagram advertisements for Reels? Even if you’re not interested in making videos, you can still earn great advertising with Facebook or Instagram Reels by following the advice in this post.

If Instagram Reels had debuted in 2020, no one would have predicted their meteoric rise to fame. However, the introduction of Instagram Reels Ads has piqued the interest of many more marketers. To those unfamiliar, Reels are short films (often 15-60 seconds) shot in a 9:16 aspect ratio and stored on the Instagram app’s Reels page. They have become (likely) the most popular kind of content on Instagram, or the Instagram Reels Ads have given brands and marketers a new way to reach their target audiences.

Draft The Advertisement

Assemble your imagination first. To do this, you’ll need to record a video and edit it to the correct size. This is also the time to choose hashtags and compose your content and descriptions.

Try something new! Typically, music and viral sound snippets will accompany an Organic Reel. They might be humorous or odd in a charming way at times. If it makes sense for your business, choose a well-known song or sound effect to accompany the ad, so it blends in with the content consumers of unsponsored Reels are listening to.

Pick A Campaign Goal

Decide what you want to accomplish with your advertising strategy. Facebook offers 11 goals in three different funnel phases. Reels Ads Placement is only helpful for a limited set of plans. You must thus take care while selecting goals.

Place The Ad To To Create Reels Ads

If you want to control where things go by hand:

  1. Choose that option.
  2. Click the ellipsis next to Stories and select the appropriate option.
  3. If your ad looks like the ones on Instagram, use the Instagram Reels format.

Send Instagram Ads Creative & Copy

You may now give this ad a name in the Ad settings section (in this case, “Intro Video 1”). You’ll also need to choose the Instagram account hosting your ad. Your Instagram content will be collected automatically if you’ve already linked your account with your Facebook page.

Your next step is to add its Primary text and submit the media (the video). You may also “Add a website URL” if you want visitors to be able to go over to a specific page from the ad.

Tips For Creating Successful Reel Ads

Advertisements in Reels may be made in several different methods, each of which complies with Meta’s ad requirements while also catching the eye of the intended demographic. A straightforward way is to spread the word about a previously released organic reel.

Select Use Existing Post in Ad Setup in Ads Manager’s ad-specific drop-down box. You may select the revolution you wish to utilize by clicking the Select Post button. Ads Manager will notify you if a reel doesn’t meet the requirements, such as if it contains interactive stickers and product tags. Instead, you may use a third-party video editor to make advertisements for Reels.

Before you send off your video, be sure you’ve only used legal music.


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