How To Create A Table Of Contents On Google Docs In 2022?

As an individual can understand, utilizing Google Docs provides many advantages. The primary bump is that Docs by Google can be one newer system for individuals. But, understanding Google Docs will not take much effort or time to create a table of contents on Google docs.


The pair of track changes, collaboration, and simple accessibility from everywhere, along with less confusion, permits each individual to manage their web content more efficiently. It results in one cost savings aspect for any project. For that reason, most individuals these days require the utilization of Google Docs for each project.


But at the end of the day, most users are not obligated to Google Docs. Many individuals prefer the online docs of Office 365, too, because of its collaboration tools. If an individual wishes to utilize that, then they can be capable of accommodating the user. It is just that a ton of people have been using Docs by Google for longer. So that is why they are biased too. The method utilizes individual Word documents on one web page project. 

Creating one table of contents

Preparing assignments such as annual reports or research papers can become difficult. One table of contents is going to provide structure to the document. It helps readers come across what they are searching for. It also gives easy navigation if the doc is printed out as one Word document or PDF. In this section, you will learn how to create a format and then add a table of contents to that document.

Producing one table of contents. 


To produce one table of contents, an individual is going to require to utilize headings. 


  1. The user has to highlight their title in one section.
  2. Then tap on the Styles menu to pick out one heading.
  3. When the user creates one heading style for every section, they have to tap where they wish their table of contents to place.
  4. Then tap on Insert and hover their mouse across the Table of contents.
  5. Then pick out one style of layout. One layout possesses a blue link, while the other indicates page numbers. But, both of them work similarly.
  6. Then utilize their toolbar to format and edit the text as they wish.
  7. If they would like to opt for one section in particular, tap it; after that, the link is situated in that box.

To add one section

The user has to create one new heading to add one new section. They then have to tap the table of contents to pick out the icon of Refresh.

To delete or update 

The user has to right-click on the table of contents to utilize the menu to delete or update it.

In the presence of Google Docs, the user can create a table of contents on Google docs and edit text documents properly in their web browser. There is no need for special software. Even better, a bunch of people can operate at the same time, one user can see modifications of others as they conduct them, and each change is preserved automatically.

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