How to convert physical SIM into e-SIM on Airtel, Jio, Voda-Idea networks

E-SIM is one fresh buzzword roaming around the industry of technology. It stepped forth after Apple, the technology giant of America, introduced the e-SIM just for the 14th series of iPhones in the United States of America. It is not like a physical sim card. E-SIM can work with a device, one smartphone, a laptop, and a smartwatch. It operates similarly to that of one physical SIM. Yet with a couple of added advantages. For example, an e-SIM can preserve a bunch of SIM profiles. Let us see how to convert physical SIM into e-SIM.

Individuals can start the procedure by sending one text to 121 sayings “e-SIM<>registered email id”. They will get one text from that number requesting them to confirm that initial procedure. One has to reply with “1” to acknowledge the e-SIM alteration request within 1 minute of receiving that text.

After confirmation, an individual will get another text asking to offer consent over one call. That is one indispensable step. After that, the user will get one QR code on their registered email address. 

Scan that QR code via the mobile device to activate the service of e-SIM. The e-SIM consumes approximately 2 hours to activate. The existing SIM is going to continue to operate during that period.

Note: visit the web page of Airtel and take out the smartphone model for introductions to the process of QR scanning. When it comes to the iPhone, the individual has to go to the settings; then, mobile data add a data plan. Then they have to choose the option of scanning QR code and e-SIM. During this procedure, they must ensure their phone is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

  • Reliance Jio

To convert physical SIM into e-SIM, an individual will require the IMEI and EID number. On iPhones, they are accessible on the about page present in the settings.

First and foremost, the individual has to send a text to 199 saying “GETE-SIM <space><32 Digit EID><space><15 Digit IMEI>“. Then they will get one virtual e-SIM number in the presence of 19 digits on the registered email address and text.

Send one other text to 199 saying “SIMCHG <space><19 digit e-SIM Number>”. Then the individual has to hold for up to 2 hours to get one update on the process of e-SIM.

The individual has to text 183 saying “1” to request one automated call via +91 2235072222. They have to dial ‘1’ on that call to provide confirmation. When that is done, they have to go to the settings of e-SIM on their mobile device and click on introduce ‘Data plan”’ to enable e-SIM.

  • Vodafone Idea

The user has to text 199 saying e-SIM< space >registered email ID. Then they will get one confirmation text to which they are required to reply in the presence of “E-SIMY” to offer confirmation of the e-SIM alteration request.

The individual will get one text asking them to consent over one call. When that’s done, they will receive one final text in the presence of a QR code to activate e-SIM on their registered email address.

E-SIM activates convenience. Particularly for individuals who possess more than one ongoing connection. Security is one other advantage of the e-SIM. The users can not take it out. So it can not be misused in case of theft or loss. Now go ahead and convert physical SIM into e-SIM.

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