How To Connect Your Metamask Wallet With Instagram And Share NFT?

How To Connect Your Metamask Wallet With Instagram And Share NFT? Unfortunately, there is no way to link a more wallets to Instagram now. However, if you already have one of these wallets, you may use it, or you can build a wallet on one of these platforms: Supported wallets include Coinbase, Dapper, Rainbow, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet. m In the steps below, we utilized a wallet generated on the MetaMask system, but you are free to use whatever wallet you wish to link to your Instagram account.


The distributed ledger technology known as blockchain can provide anonymity, transparency, and immutability. So you’ll have the juice to utilize apps, make purchases from any location, and do much more without raising suspicion (read Google, Governments). However, there are several blockchains, each of which is designed to serve a specific function.

Ethereum, on the other hand, is a massively distributed network designed for people. The Ethereum platform may be used with the help of MetaMask, a free, accessible, hot wallet. When you first start using MetaMask, you may do so quickly, anonymously, and with no effort. A valid email address is not required. Setting up a password and memorizing (and storing) the secret restoration phrase is all required.

How To Connect Your Metamask Wallet With Instagram

  • Access your Instagram account by visiting
  • To adjust your settings, choose your profile picture from the menu at the upper right.
  • In the sidebar, choose Digital Collectibles.
  • Select the wallet you would want to link, and then hit the “Continue” button.
  • The wallet’s password may be requested via a pop-up window. If requested, your wallet app is on-screen instructions should be followed.
  • There will be a second pop-up alert appearing on your screen. After selecting Sign, choose OK to finish setting up your digital wallet.

The connection between your wallet and Instagram might take 5 minutes. You may add a second wallet to the account after linking the first one. Click Add wallet on the Digital collectables screen, then repeat steps 1 through 3 above to add a second wallet.

How To Share Metamask Wallet With Instagram

Acquiring name recognition through social media may seem easy at first. After all, we’ve all got plenty of experience using various social media types.

Find And Use Appropriate Tags And Terms

Influencers having millions of Instagram followers sit side-by-side with up-and-coming artists who do not yet have a fan base in the NFT market. A large following implies that your NFTs will be more widely recognized and respected. Whether you have a vast or small following, you may increase the exposure of your NFT post by incorporating trending hashtags and phrases.

Use hashtag aggregator and analytics tools, take cues from other creatives and leaders in your field, and, most importantly, make it brief and straightforward to discover those exact terms and hashtags.

Roll Your Own

When used correctly, Instagram’s Reels feature may rapidly increase your number of followers and the amount of interaction you get. You may use popular songs, make a tantalizing teaser for your NFT library, or assemble and share the production process with your audience. Of course, it would help if you started using reels immediately.

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