How To Configure Calendar And Task Notifications On Android 13?

How To Configure Calendar And Task Notifications On Android 13? We rely heavily on Google Calendar to keep track of our packed Calendar. With Android, you can customize alerts for both Calendar events & Tasks independently, which is convenient.

Let us check out the steps of Configure Calendar And Task Notifications –

Requirements For Setting Up Your Schedule

Your only requirements are an Android smartphone with an up-to-date operating system and access to a Google Calendar. That settles it: So, let’s go on to the setup.

How To Set Up The Calendar’s Alerts

The tricky part comes since the setup’s actual position is in plain sight. First, start the Google Calendar app & choose the settings page by clicking the menu button (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner (Figure A).

Figure A

When the menu bar opens, look for the option labeled “Settings” (Figure B).

Figure B

Select General from the Settings screen (Figure C).

Figure C

To enable Calendar Notifications, go to the bottom of the Settings page (Figure D).

Figure D

Select Calendar alerts and edit the settings to your liking on the subsequent screen (Figure E).

Figure E

After setting up Calendar Notifications to your liking, go back to the General Settings screen and modify the Task Notifications to your liking by tapping the corresponding button. It is recommended that separate settings be made for calendar events and task alerts to prevent confusion. And that’s it; you’ve successfully configured Android to alert you about upcoming events and pending tasks.

Although this may not be a huge deal for others, having Android remind me of important dates and assignments facilitated my ability to meet all my commitments on time. Try this arrangement out and see whether it helps you get through your day.

A Reminder Of Important Dates Using Android And Google Calendar

The Google Calendar app is pre-installed on the majority of Android handsets. Although its primary use is as a date checker, Google Calendar also has a complete calendar system. All your data is stored in your Google account, which is synchronized with the app. So everything from birthdays to to-do lists to upcoming events can be easily kept track of with Google Calendar. To schedule a reminder in Google Calendar on your Android device, follow the instructions below:

  • If you have an Android phone, open the Google Calendar app (just called Calendar).
  • You may add more by clicking the plus sign in the screen’s lower right-hand corner.  You’ll be able to add reminders from several different categories.
  • Just fill in the “Remind me to…” section with whatever it is you need a little nudge to remember. Once you’ve done that, choose the date you’d want to be reminded. If you’d want to specify a specific time, you may turn off the “All day” option. Instead, you may create a reminder that repeats itself from the previous choice when necessary.
  • When you’re ready to set the reminder, tap the Save button.

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