How to automate send messages with siri in apple iphone 14/ pro

The 16th version of IOS lets the user send a message in Siri’s presence without having to confirm every text through the voice assistant before it is shipped. Keep reading to learn how to automate send messages with siri in apple iphone 14/ pro.

If the individual has ever sent one text to a person utilizing ‌Siri‌, they will understand that Siri will request their confirmation for every reader by reading that back to them.

Confirming every text before it goes out can be one inconvenience if the user is having one long chat with a person, especially when they do not possess access to their iOS mobile device to type in. This is why in the 16th iOS, the user does not have to do that.

How to automate sending messages with Siri in apple iPhone 14/ pro

Apple has given one aspect that permits ‌Siri‌ to immediately send text in the absence of the step for confirmation. That is going to streamline the entire process. On top of that, it operates in the presence of CarPlay. Here is how to automate send messages with siri in apple iphone 14/ pro to opt-in to this feature present in the 16th iOS.

  1. First and foremost, the individual has to launch the application for settings on their iOS mobile device.
  2. After that, they have to go down and click on Siri and Search.
  3. Then at the bottom of the section of “Ask ‌Siri‌”, they have to click on the option of Automatically Send Messages.
  4. In the upcoming screen for the menu, they have to activate the switch off the toggle right next to the option of Automatically Send Messages.

In the 16th version of iOS, the manufacturers have made iterative developments to its built-in voice assistant known as Siri. They have involved expanded backup for offline the capability of hanging up calls utilizing ‌Siri‌, along with the fresh features of accessibility.

Increasing the Pose time of Siri

One of those new accessibility developments is one choice to expand the pause time of Siri. That is going to cause the voice assistant Siri to pause for a little longer for the speaker to complete speaking.

There are now 3 settings for the pause time of the voice assistant. They are most extended, longer, and default. A user can try out those choices by themselves and figure out which one works properly for them by going through the upcoming steps below.

First, the individual has to open the application of settings and then scroll down to pick out Accessibility. After that, they have to scroll down the section of “General” to pick out Siri. Then, under the section of “‌Siri‌ Pause Time”, they have to pick out the following: longest, more extended, and default.

That is all there is to how to automate send messages with siri in apple iphone 14/ pro. After this process, Siri is now automatically going to send texts until the user requests to cancel or change. The user must understand that the last menu is going to offer additional choices to deactivate or activate the automatic sending of text when syncing to ‌CarPlay‌ and headphones.

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