How to add the Snapchat widget to your iPhone Lock Screen?

Perhaps, if our reader is looking forward to adding the widget of Snapchat to the lock screen of their iOS mobile device but can not find them. Then they don’t have to stress. As this quick column is going to demonstrate how they can add the Snapchat widget to your iPhone lock screen.

Interactive widgets along with personalization features for the locked display are one of the most significant highlights of the 16th iOS update. A bunch of applications has already provided backup for the locked display widgets of the 16th iOS. On top of that more applications are properly figuring out a way to introduce those. One famous instant texting application known as Snapchat has already given away widgets for iOS mobile device users as one aspect of its updates called “New Functions for Fall”.

When it comes to the widget of the Snapchat locked display they are two widgets that an individual can add. The first one goes directly to the camera of Snapchat. It is going to let the user swiftly post one story or take one snap. One other widget is going to let the user start one chat conversation in the presence of a group or one friend write from their locked display in the presence of a click. Both of those widgets arrive in rectangular and Square sizes. So the user can utilize the option.

Widgets of Snapchat are truly one great feature. Because a user can start having a conversation or snapping with their best friend in the absence of the requirement to first unlock their iOS mobile device. They can just launch their Snapchat and search for that particular choice. Now let us understand how to add the Snapchat widget to your iPhone lock screen process.

What is the process of adding a widget of Snapchat to the locked display of the 16th iOS?

  1. First and foremost the individual has to make sure that they update the application of Snapchat to the newest variant.
  2. Then they have to open the application of Snapchat.
  3. Then they have to touch and long press or hold one zone present on their locked display when the iOS mobile device is unlocked.
  4. Then they have to click on the button ‘Customise’ under the Wanted lock screen.
  5. After that, they have to click on the widgets row to remove or add widgets.
  6. Then they have to scroll through the menu of ‘Add Widgets’ and take out Snapchat from that chart of accessible widgets. We are going to recommend the user attempt this way out if the widget of Snapchat is not appearing in the list of widgets.
  7. Then they have to click to add the ‘Pin a Group or Friend’ or ‘Camera’ widget in their preferred size.
  8. NOTE: For the widget of Pin a Group or Friend, the user is required to click the widget right after placing that to pick out one group or friend. They can also set that widget to open to Reply Camera or Chat.

After putting the widgets, tap ‘Done’ and then return to the Lock Screen. The user is going to see the widgets of Snapchat. Then just click the specific widget. And that is a user can add the Snapchat widget to your iPhone lock screen. 

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