How to Add Peacock TV to a Firestick in 2022?

NBCUniversal operates one OTT service in the United States called Peacock TV. You’ll find all of NBCUniversal Studios’ original productions in this building and a great deal of syndicated third-party material. In addition, a large number of episodes and movies are available on demand. On top of that, Peacock TV also lets a viewer enjoy Live TV. That is why many of our readers wanted to know how to add Peacock TV to a Firestick.

This broadcasting option is one of the cheapest available. People may watch their preferred content on FireStick and other streaming media players. Examples include the Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Xbox One, and many more. 

As of January 1st, 2022, Peacock TV has over 30 million subscribers in the United States. At the moment, though, it is only available in a few countries: the US, UK, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, and Austria. Therefore, one of the best first-time streaming options on FireStick is Peacock TV. For this reason, we included it in our list of the best paid FireStick apps.

Process To Introduce Peacock TV On The Amazon FireStick

Individuals currently living in the United States of America are fortunate. Because now they can add Peacock TV to a Firestick from Amazon. Peacock TV has been available on Amazon for approximately one year of release. All an individual has to do is opt for the application store of Amazon and get Peacock TV from there. Living in the United States of America are lucky as they can now get Peacock TV from Amazon. There is no requirement to utilize the mode of sideloading.

Yet, the sideloading method is still helpful for those outside the United States of America. Therefore, the process of the sideloading method is also given below in this column.

  • A. Procedures To Introduce Peacock TV From The App Store Of Amazon

An individual must keep in mind that this procedure will only apply to individuals staying in the United States of America before getting started. Follow the next method when the home is present in a region other than the United States of America. As for residents of the United States of America, this way is going to work.

The home screen > Find > Search option > type in Peacock TV > pick Peacock TV > Apps and Games > Peacock TV > Get it or Download > Start downloading.

  • B. Procedures To Introduce It On Amazon Firestick Via Sideload Method

  1. Get the Downloader app on the device.
  2. Alter the settings of permission of applications from unknown or other sources.
  3. Sideload Peacock TV on Firestick.
  • C. Get The Downloader Application

Go to the option of Find > type in Downloader > tap on the option of Downloader > pick out the option of getting or Download to begin installing the Downloader app on Firestick.

The process of adding Peacock TV to a Firestick is going to take a while. However, when done, an individual can run the app of Peacock TV on their device to watch the streaming.

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