How To Activate Paramount Plus With Walmart Plus In 2023

How To Activate Paramount Plus With Walmart Plus In 2023? Recently, Walmart began providing a complimentary membership to Paramount Plus to its Walmart+ subscribers. Because this is a reduced membership via a third party, certain extra procedures are required compared to just signing up for Paramount Plus.

How To Activate Paramount Plus With Walmart Plus

You’re not alone if you’re curious about the benefits of a Paramount+ with Walmart+ membership beyond just combining your accounts. Here, we’ve outlined the simple actions you need to begin receiving your subscription. Specifically, here’s what you should do:

  • To access your Walmart+ account, navigate the Walmart+ homepage and choose the Sign in button.
  • Account > Manage Your Account. From the Account page, choose Video Streaming.
  • Choose Paramount+ > Create an Account for Paramount Plus.
  • Any Walmart shoppers interested in creating an account on Paramount+ will be sent there.
  • You may start your journey now.

You’ll have access to Paramount Plus for free for the Walmart+ trial period as soon as you’re done. To access Paramount Plus, new members on this platform must install the app on a compatible smartphone. If you don’t have a Paramount+ subscription, you can’t watch Paramount+ content through the associated Walmart+ website or app.

Not only does Essential provide free membership, but Walmart does not. Essential and Premium are the two primary tiers of the Paramount Plus service. The local CBS station is available to Premium subscribers, and the service is ad-free.

Advice For Brand New Walmart+ Users

Anyone unfamiliar with Walmart+ and Paramount Now may benefit from signing up for Walmart+ at no cost. Walmart+ is available every month for $12.95 or every year for $119.95. The yearly package costs $98 and costs around $8.16 each month.

There is also a 30-day free version available, so you may try out the Walmart membership programme without spending any money. Furthermore, people participating in a free trial period may continue to use the benefits of a free Paramount Plus membership. If customers don’t keep Walmart+ after the trial, they’ll also lose their complimentary Paramount Plus membership.

Those who join up for Walmart+ either monthly or annually have access to the Essential Paramount Plus package. If the additional Walmart features are important, should you join Walmart+ since Essential is only $4.99 monthly (or $49.99 annually if you sign up for the yearly plan)?

Paramount Plus With Walmart Compatible 

In addition to the standard Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Website TV, Smart Tv, Vizio TV, LG TV, smartphone, iPad, Android phones & tablet computers, Chromecast, PS4, Streaming devices, Xbox, Xfinity handset, Cox Contour box, VIDAA TV, etc., you can also stream Paramount+ content on a wide variety of other popular streaming media players.

If you are a new or current Walmart+ client, you can get a free membership to Paramount Plus Essential by going to the Account area of the Walmart website. Only the Essential plan is included in the membership price of $4.99 or $49.99 per year. Subscribers who want to use Walmart+ will need to terminate their current Paramount Plus plan.

Note that Walmart handles everything involved with your complimentary Paramount Plus membership. Consequently, the subscriber’s membership to Paramount Plus will be terminated if the Walmart+ membership is terminated. Similarly, if you decide to cancel Paramount Plus later, you won’t be able to do so via Paramount Plus itself but rather through Walmart+.

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