Donot Download Fraudulent Version Of Whatsapp, Chief Warns Cathcart Advice To Users

To protect its users, WhatsApp has warned those who use it. Please be cautious of a false version of the firm’s messaging application the company has requested. It’s important to note that WhatsApp is among the world’s most widely used messaging programmes, making it simple for fraudsters to deceive consumers.

On Twitter, Will Cathcart, CEO of WhatsApp, has encouraged Twitter users not to use the hacked version of the instant messenger programme.

According to a tweet from the company’s CEO, a malicious variant of WhatsApp called “Hey WhatsApp” has been discovered by WhatsApp’s security team. Using a bogus programme that can only be downloaded from untrusted third-party sites, the scam is being carried out by Hemodes to get access to a victim’s mobile device and steal their personal information.

Similar to WhatsApp

The same functions as WhatsApp may be found in a clone version. These apps do not provide end-to-end encryption, unlike the classic version of WhatsApp, so keep this in mind. It ensures that no one, not even WhatsApp, can access your private conversations or other sensitive information.

On Google Play, The Fake Version Isn’t Visible

Although the new phoney WhatsApp app isn’t listed in the Google Play Store, users should proceed with caution if they attempt to install it from an unauthorised source. The official WhatsApp app should only be downloaded from the company’s website or reputable app shops like the Google Play Store.

Preparing For Taking Action On Whatsapp

Twitter user @cathcart said that detecting and blocking malicious applications would be our top priority in the future. HeyMods have been targeted for enforcement, and we’re looking at legal avenues to hold them responsible and others like them.

Apk For The HeyMods Website

Hemidus developers are running a fraud, according to the meta firm WhatsApp. They are collecting personal information from mobile devices by using this bogus software. Only third-party websites and services can provide access to these applications.

Will claims that his protection team has found malware in this software. HeyMods & Hey WhatsApp collaborated on the development of this application.

Cheating For The Sake of New Capabilities

In a series of tweets, Will revealed that consumers are enticed to download this software because of the promise of increased functionality. This, however, is a ruse. This is a ruse to get access to your private data. Mobile phones are targeted for the theft of sensitive data. Google was also informed of this information. We’ll defeat this phoney and data-stealing programme if we work together.

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