Computer Graphics in Movies: What’s Real and What’s Fake?

There has been exponential growth in movies and computer graphics in recent years. More movies today strive to recreate scenes and environments and naturally blend them to make viewers believe they are real. 

Computer graphics have advanced significantly in terms of being futuristic and mimicking scenes. Although these features appeared impossible for filmmakers, they are entirely the result of technological advancement and innovation.

What is CGI?

Computer-generated Imagery, or CGI, encompasses all the digitally created images and elements that are added to a television series, web series, movie, etc. 

Fun fact: Even live streams today can incorporate real-time CGI to make the stream better and more visually appealing for viewers. 

CGI has been proven to be more cost-effective than using props and different elements to create scenes in films. Filming a scene with the actors and all supporting elements is done during production, and then the scene is enhanced in post-production to fit the director’s vision.

The best part about CGI is that it is a post-production service. From the visualization of the element that will go into a scene all the way to the final render, it is a team effort and contribution that makes a movie possible.

Photo by Phil Shaw on Unsplash

Figuring Out Real from CGI in Movies

There is no denying that sometimes movies have CGI that is evident to children. Between movies like Krrish 3 and Avengers: End Game, the difference in skills for CGI is as clear as day to viewers. 

The entire point of adding CGI is not only to enhance the vision and the film but also to make sure that the scene looks complete. An ordinary viewer outside the industry of visual effects, should not understand that there is CGI or any VFX work that is done on the scene. 

Think about the movie Chennai Express. As a viewer, did you think that any of the scenes were enhanced using CGI and visual effects? Of course, some scenes have unimaginable car movements and accidents, but in the bigger picture, everything looks real. 

What if we told you that most of the backgrounds in the film, like the sunset scene during the climax, were completely CGI? 

Of course, for superhero movies, movies with scenes from other planets, and movies that have to recreate entire worlds together physically, the fact that CGI and VFX are a part of the film’s making is obvious.

CGI for Films: How Important Is It?

Even the smallest elements in films are dependent on VFX and CGI nowadays. VFX is known for beautifying and transforming movies to make them more appealing to viewers. As such, having good CGI and VFX in a film is a necessity. 

Most filmmakers choose to collaborate with some of India’s best VFX companies to ensure that quality work is always delivered. A scene can be enhanced and altered much more cost-effectively by using computer graphics rather than adding elements and re-creating the scene from scratch. As such, it is the preferred method of moving forward with films.

In India, VFX organizations provide end-to-end VFX services for movies, TV series, web series, commercials, and advertisements. Some of the basic VFX services that are included in movies include clean-up, wire removal, rotoscoping, matte painting, set extensions, compositing, beauty fixes, colour correction and lighting, 3D animation, and more. 

Fun fact: Bollywood today is extensively using the colour correction and cleaning services of VFX companies to ensure that actors look younger and fresher in all movies. It’s a tactic to ensure that the scene matches the envisioned plot.

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