Best 6 Photo Backup Service Startups To Check For In 2023

Best 6 Photo Backup Service Startups To Check For In 2023. Your first objective in 2022 as a photographer should be to find the most excellent online picture storage solution. Losing all of your priceless pictures and movies would be a catastrophe since hard disc failures, and computer catastrophes are still frequent issues.

Fortunately, several free and paid online picture storage alternatives are available, giving you the security of knowing that your memories are backed up in the cloud.

IDrive Photo Backup Service Startups 

IDrive offers storage, backups, sync capabilities, and much more. Anyone who has to upload a lot of images to the internet will find the significant storage limits and no device count restriction to be excellent. In addition, zero-knowledge encryption is available to ease any privacy worries you may have. Finally, if the internet access is too sluggish, IDrive can send a hard drive to your home.


Livedrive will be the top storage option in 2022 if you must safeguard a lot of data while keeping your expenditures low. You may save as many pictures as you like, even on the lowest tier! For individuals who may not want to deal with the hassles of setup and upkeep, Livedrive is set-and-forget cloud storage. Your photographs, documents, music, and video are kept safe and secure with military-grade cloud security.

The LiveDrive server farms are in the UK, although their service is well-known all over the globe. The network is monitored around the clock, with two-factor identification, ISO 27001 certification, and complete compliance with EU privacy legislation.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The collection of photo-editing and graphic design programmes known as Adobe Creative Cloud is combined with cloud storage. Despite having excellent collaboration facilities and more picture editing tools than you could find in any other programme, it is not one of the smoothest solutions. Nevertheless, no other service is as feature-rich and user-friendly for professionals working in the digital arts as Adobe CC.

Smugmug Photo Backup Service Startups

The recent acquisition of Flickr by SmugMug makes sense considering their similarity. As long as the images are JPEG, GIF, PNG, and HEIC, the platform enables users to post an infinite amount of pictures at practically any quality. However, a massive file size restriction of slightly over 500 MB exists.

HD video files may also be uploaded as long as they aren’t more than 20 minutes or 3 GB. Since you can create a webpage and send pictures to customers, SmugMug usually works as a location to save your proudest photographs once they have been exported. Original data are not supported.

Mobile applications let you view, share, and automatically back up your photographs by uploading them from the device itself.


Need to back up your photos across all of your external discs and one computer? Backblaze will then wow you. Unlimited backup space, RAW file previews, zero-knowledge cryptography, and even device location & remote wipe services are all for $60 a year. And to top it all off, Backblaze is perhaps the backup solution that caters the most to beginners. It’s ideal for photographers with many photographs on their laptops and other storage media.


The most reliable backup service for photographers is Zoolz. It can repost anything, including your laptop, external discs, memory cards, and digital cameras. In addition, your data’s privacy is ensured by zero-knowledge encryption.

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