Best 5 HD video calling android apps in 2022

Physical interaction can be one aspect of the past. In the presence of one of the most premium video calling android apps at the disposal right now. COVID is not entirely gone. So there are a ton of other worries to create one instance for not being present in the same area as colleagues, friends, or whoever other an individual requires to communicate with.

Applications regarding video chatting can provide one online presence at real-life events. Where the speaker is not present physically. An individual does not have to be in a similar time zone.

All credit goes to the power of the interweb. Applications regarding video chatting bridge this gap and keep individuals in a sink with the once you are important to them. Each of these things in the absence of having to get out of the apartment. There are premium Video calling services like Encounters VIP for models where they provide online video calls on demands at certain minutes charges, they are best for it, if you love dating online at video calls. 

Yet which facilities are the ones for an individual? Unfortunately, there are a bunch of them. So picking out the correct application is a challenging prospect. Fortunately, our experts have gathered each of the most premium options accessible. This is going to help the reader figure out what is the most premium application for video chatting and what is the correct choice for them.


The pandemic has been indicated to be one massive deal for this application. It cemented its place. The application for video chatting by de facto has become a saviour for many businesses and individuals. Because it has good reasons present in its favour. The set of extensive features of this application, along with its extensive support for the platform, has made it one famous choice around the globe. Whether an individual is on a mobile device, desktop or likes, one web client, zoom, will provide something for everyone.


It has been in the business of video chatting for quite a long time now. It still provides one great set of characteristics for up to fifty individuals simultaneously. Skype also changes absolutely 0 to utilize. On top of that, it is accessible on just about any and every mobile device an individual might requires to utilize.

Google Duo

Where Apple has offered Facetime for decades, Google’s Android operating system did not have its inbuilt video calling android apps. Instead, users had to depend on third-party applications. Luckily Duo arrived to address the issue. It is straightforward to utilize and available within the native mobile application of Android.


The hammers know this application as one excellent resource to communicate with their partners over video calls and text. On top of that, Discord also permits broadcasting in the application itself. This is one excellent method of playing some games in the presence of friends.

Facebook Messenger

The nice thing about utilizing this application for video chatting is that most individuals are already logged into it. Suppose they have one Facebook profile and the FB Messenger web or mobile application. Then they can start video calling with their other Facebook friends. 

So if the reader is all in the mood for video calling android apps, then any of the choices in this article will hopefully suffice.

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