4 Ways to Make Your Miami Billboard Standout in 2023

When it comes to creating a compelling billboard a lot of factors come into play. Billboards are one of the oldest forms of marketing and are the most popular form of OOH media. If you have been wondering what OOH media is, and how to make your billboards in Miami stand out from the crowd, here is everything you need to know! 

What Exactly is OOH Media?

Before getting too far into the minutiae of making your billboards in Miam stand out, here is some information on what OOH media is and why it’s so popular. OOH stands for Out Of Home media, one of the oldest forms of marketing used today. The reason that OOH media is still so prevalent is easy enough to understand, it simply works! 

One of the biggest reasons this kind of strategy has stood the test of time is that people enjoy looking at things like billboards, or subway terminal panels while they commute. Most people are passively commuting and when they get a chance to be distracted, they take it. These signs can garner hundreds of thousands of interactions a day, and millions of interactions throughout a campaign. 

Benefits of Using Billboards in Miami

If you are wanting to execute a marketing campaign in Miami Florida, billboards are a great option to consider. Miami has a dense population of well over 400,000 people and is estimated to have 13,000 people per square mile. This translates to a lot of commuting and a lot of interactions for any kind of OOH media used in the city. 

Not only does Miami have a huge residential population, but it is also a famous tourist and vacation location. In 2019, Miami saw an average of 24 million visitors, which is substantial. So not only will an OOH media marketing campaign effectively reach residents of Miami, but it will also reach a wide variety of tourists.

What Does it Take to Make Your Billboards in Miami Stand Out?

Miami itself does all the work of bringing not only the residential but also the tourist population into contact with your potential OOH media campaign, so what do you have to do to make your billboards stand out? The good news is that while there are some great pointers that you can take away from this article that will help, billboards are effective no matter what. So while it’s important to plan out the details, don’t get overwhelmed. Here are four pointers to take into consideration that can help your campaign go far. 


This is obviously one of the first things you have to do when planning out your billboard campaign. As important as starting with your goals, location is a fundamental aspect of utilizing a billboard effectively. The most important thing to understand is that locations with higher impressions (views, or interactions) will have a higher premium. 

The good news is that you don’t have to have an unlimited budget to get high impressions. There are a variety of different billboard, or OOH media services that you can use that also vary in price. On top of that, even locations with less dense traffic can still garner substantial impressions. 

Location is also your one chance with OOH media to hone in on a target audience. Shopping mall parking lots, Highway placements, all of these locations will passively reach any and all kinds of customers. However, you can be more specific – for example, a theater company using a billboard placed in a theater district.

Digital or Non-Digital

Another factor to consider is whether you have an analog, non-digital board, or digital board. Digital billboards utilize high-quality LCD panels that can use bright colors to attract customers. These digital displays also have a high variety of choices. There are some digital billboards that can use moving graphics or special effects. Some digital billboards can also be interactive, or have sound capabilities, while others can display bright, well-lit still images. 

Color, Color, Color 

A huge part of creating a billboard that grabs attention is utilizing an eye-catching color pallet. Remember, billboards passively interact with any kind of commuter that passes in front of them, so making them as attention-grabbing as possible is important. The important thing to remember is that you don’t want your message to be lost. You do want to grab their attention, however, you want that to happen in a positive way, and that leads to the last point.

Make Your Message Simple

One of the most important aspects of using a billboard wisely is making your message understandable and simple. Now, it’s important to point out that simple doesn’t mean dull or boring. In fact, a billboard can be funny, witty, or even a thinker – but the message needs to be understandable to the potential customer. 


Engage with your potential customers in a way that they will appreciate, but don’t lose your message in a complex graphic. It’s possible to make an eye-catching graphic, but it’s not worth it if the message is lost.

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